Boabom | bewegingskunst voor lichaam & geest
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Movement Art for body & mind

Boabom is an ancient art of movement with roots in the martial arts of pre-Buddhist Tibet or Zhang Zhung. There is a gentle way (Seamm Jasani) and a powerful way (Boabom). Movement combined with breathing is the key to enhance your inner power and vitality, and to relax you mind.

The Boabom teachers are very experienced and use an excellent pedagogical system, with respect for each other and for the different pace of all the students.

We are very fortunate that Boabom classes are now organized in Belgium. The classes are mostly taught in English.

In the beginning there was movement.

In Boabom you work with our physical body, your vehicle here on earth. It’s really important to stand firmly on the ground with both feet, to breathe, and to use your body in its full potential. The Boabom practice helps to develop strong roots, so that you can develop your inner power and take responsibility for your life.

Boabom becomes a way of living, therefore it is also an Art. Everyone has a different Body and a different Mind, and also a different Art. An inherent Art of moving, both literally and figuratively, an inherent way of letting your energy flow, an inherent way of making your dreams come true.

In Boabom you learn a lot of movements, first separately and then in a certain sequence. It’s like you receive an alphabet of a new language. First you make words, then you put them together, and you never know – maybe in the end you write your own stories or poetry, also in interaction with others.


The art of active relaxation

Gentle, flowing movements
Combined with breathing
Enhance your body awareness and vitality!

Pronunciation: Seam Hasani
Meaning: The perfection of gentleness


The art of internal defense

Powerful movements
Combined with breathing
Develop your inner power!

Pronunciation: Boabom
Meaning: Defense or inner energy

Weekly Boabom classes

Classes in Ghent


Holiday workshop with Sayani Fernando
Saturday, July 15th
– 10h45 – 11h45: Boabom (powerful form)
– 12h – 13h: Seamm Jasani (gentle form)
Beide ook voor beginners

Yogacafé Rietveld
Herlegemstraat 3, 9040 Sint-Amandsberg

Classes in Kortrijk

Seamm Jasani – gentle form
13/7: in balletroom theatre
10/7 and 17/7: in Tayata

Boabom – powerful form
13/7: in balletroom theatre
10/7 and 17/7: in Tayata
20u15 – 22u15

Balletroom theatre, Hazelaarstraat 7
Tayata, Bloemistenstraat 2b

Info and registration
0498 50 92 51


ten session card: 150 euro
studentprice: 120 euro
this membership includes sportsinsurance
trial class: 10 euro

Discipline is the paintbrush of the great artist.

Seamm Jasani and Boabom classes is possible for everybody. You can experience it in a trial class. In the first period people can join the group. After a while the group will be closed, and another beginner group can be organized.

Special workshops!

  • no date yet...
  • ??
    with Yemado from the Boston School of Boabom

    classes for beginners
    classes for students of the Saturday morning group

  • Venue for workshop
  • primary school – gym
    D. Van Monckhovenstraat 34
    9000 Gent

    5 minutes walking from Sint-Pieters station



• When the Apprentice is ready, the Guide will come.
Fernando Sayani

Fernando Sayani is from Chilean origin. He is a very important link to import Boabom in Europe. For professional reasons he moved to Belgium. There he organized the first classes, and invited international teachers, like Yemado Mobanie and Asanaro. It is thanks to his passion and energy that Boabom Belgium could take root and grow.  Fernando Sayani is also the key figure in the Boabom School in Oslo.

annemie vanneste boabom
Annemie Vanneste

Annemie is the organisator of Boabom in Belgium, and teacher of the beginner classes. After her first travel to Tibet in 2002 she found the Boabom books on the internet. Although they are very well written and illustrated, a book can never replace a real teacher. The Boabom classes in Belgium gave her the opportunity to deepen the practice and help spread the message.

Yemado Mobanie

Yemado Mobanie is a senior teacher of Boabom, Seamm Jasani, and Yaanbao, and the Director of The Boston School of Boabom. He has taught courses and seminars throughout the United States, as well as in Europe, Asia, and South America. He is the co-translator and editor of a number of books about the Boabom Arts. He actively supports Boabom Belgium, and will give his third workshop here in May!

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Books, video & posters
  • The Secret Art Of Seamm-Jasani

    58 Movements For Eternal Youth From Ancient Tibet | Book

  • The Secret Art Of Boabom

    Awaken Inner Power Through Defense-Meditation From Ancient Tibet | Book

  • Seamm-Jasani: a video guide

    The Art of Eternal Youth | Video

  • Seamm-Jasani

    58 movements for Eternal Youth | Poster

  • Boabom

    Defense Meditation form ancient Tibet | Poster

  • Seamm-Jasani

    8 Essential Movements | Poster